Zither: "A term", even the venerable New Grove has to be vague, "applied generically by
many scholars for purposes of classification to nearly all string instruments nor clasified as harps,
lutes (including bowed lutes) or lyres." Let´s explain it easier: Zithers are wooden logs laying
horizontally in front of the player, with strings attached to them along the full length.
The strings are plucked Æ in contrast to the zitherÍs relatives, the (hammered) dulcimerÍs.

Members of the zither family are, apart from the European (mostly Alpine) instruments of this name
the North American Appalachian Dulcimer and the Japanese koto, MadagascarÍs valiha and
FinlandÍs kantele, Korea´s kayageum and especially the Oriental qanun, generally regarded
as being the mother of all instruments zither.

  • Andrew Cronshaw (GBR, zither a.o.)
  • Mei Han (CHI, zheng)
  • Michàl Müller (CZE, zither)
  • Antál Rasz (HUN, zither)
  • Randy Raine-Reusch (CAN, appalachian mountain dulcimer, zheng, kayageum, ichigenkin,
    ajeang, nigenkin, dan bau a.o.)
  • Timo Väänänen (FIN, kantele)
  • Abdullah Chhadeh (SYR) >>>


Andrew Cronshaw

Abdullah Chhadeh