Greece. Epirus in the west, Macedonia in the middle, Thracia in the east. Below Olympos and
a variety of beautiful islands. A country that has not yet played the prominent role it deserves
at Rudolstadt so far. And a country we also turn our attention to in the year of the Olympic Games
because we want to present some counterpoints to classic artists such as Mikis Theodorakis and
Maria Farandouri or to zombies from Hellas═ hades such as Vangelis and Nana Mouskouri.


We are currently fixing the programme Ă so we have to ask your patience for another week or so.
In the meantime help yourself to a glass of retsina or two Ă there are worse ways to spend
your time waitingâ

  • Maria Soultatou
  • Kostas Theodoru
  • Napoleon Damos
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Kostas Theodoru

Napoleon Damos

Maria Soultatou Live 2003