The German folk and world music award RUTH is a joint venture by MDR Figaro, PROFOLK, the federation for folk, song and world music in Germany, and TFF.Rudolstadt. The annual award ceremony takes place on Saturday at TFF; it is broadcasted live by MDR Figaro.
Giving a prize to outstanding musicians shall improve the public awareness of this sector of the German music business (compared with other countries, and also with other categories such as pop/rock, jazz, or classical music). A second intention of the award is to stimulate young talents, support those who have already started, and probably also stimulate others to engage themselves in this kind of music.

RUTH is awarded in the sections „German Folk and World Music“ - for music with roots in local traditions - and „Global Folk and World Music“ - for musicians living in Germany but with roots in other regional traditions.

In addition, up to three RUTHs may be awarded to young artists standing at the beginning of their career. They already show a certain amount of professionalism and impress with originality, development potential and the ambition to use this potential.
Each year the jury also bestows an „Honorary RUTH“ on institutions or individuals with high merits in this field of music.